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B K G Corrugated
Custom Tailored Products

BKG always strives to develop the best and the most suitable product catering to the specific requirements of the customer.

We understand that different people have different needs and there is no common solution to all the technical problems. Consequently, in addition to our product range we also manufacture various other essential equipmentsfor the Engineering and Packaging industry on Job Work Basis (JWB).


B K G Corrugated
BKG Revolutionizing Indian Packaging Industry

BKG's unit at Bhiwadi is spread over 12,000 sq meters at RIICO Industrial Area (Bhiwadi). This unit is solely dedicated to the manufacturing of High Precision Grinding Corrugated Rollers and is equipped with all the latest technology pertaining to Induction Hardening, Tempering, Precision Grinding, Profile checking, Sand Blasting, Tungsten Coating and Buffing. BKG is the first and the only company in the history of the Indian Packaging Industry to set up such a technologically advanced project.

Welcome to BKG Corrugated

BKG is the brainchild of Legendary Mr. BalKishanThapar, established in 1963.Since its inception, the company has grown multitudinous from manufacturing of Industrial gears to developing High Precision GrindingCorrugated Rollers. With the ever-growingPackaging Industry, BKG rightly diversified into manufacturing Corrugated Box Making Plants and Equipments.

BKG was the first company in India to introduce elite quality Corrugated Rollers at competitive prices. Right from its formative years, BKG has been spearheading growth and loyal commitment to its customers.After opening up of the Indian Economy to the outside world, BKG faced many challenges from foreign multinationals. However, company has always strived to face these challenges and convert them into opportunities of unmatchable solutions. Being known for its stern working norms, BKG has always managed to maintain a position of true social citizen towards every individualor company associated directly or indirectly.



Sales, Service, Repairs & Maintenance

  • At BKG all the products manufactured are tested before shipment. A certified report of the trial performance is provided with each and every product.
  • BKG provides periodic checks and maintenance programs in order to maximise the efficiency of products. We can resolve all kinds of mechanical issues pertaining to engineering and packaging industry.
  • Service team at BKG respond to every query generated, within a time span of 24 hours.
  • Timely professional support is provided in order to evaluate the up gradation of technology.
  • With our enhanced Global Service Network (GSN), we deliver products directly to your doorstep.

Does your supplier facilitate all the above provisions?

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